Meet Mother

Nadia Boshoff is a producer extraordinaire of impeccable standards with sass, style and an unforgettable, gregarious and infectious laugh. Her experience and background spans more than 20 years of facilitating international commercials for a wide European client base. If you don’t already know her – you definitely should.

Mother Knows Her Sh*t

You know the drill. She knows the drill. MOTHER will provide you with superb production value and support on all levels; accurate budgeting, top crew, endless location possibilities, great talent, and everything else which she and South Africa are so well known for. 

Whatever the job demands will be met head-on with steely determination and plenty of hustle and hard work. Ever mindful of sustainable practices and elegant solutions, she’s serious about business and makes things happen. 

Motherly Love

It is not ‘just a job’ or solely about the numbers. MOTHER genuinely cares that the experience you have is the best it can be, every time. It’s not merely lip service – her heart is in her business and it shows. You’ll have her personal attention.  With so much time spent slogging long hours, what’s as important for MOTHER is that your time is enjoyable, so that you, your team and your clients all walk away with an experience second to none –  from what happens in front of and behind camera, to what happens in downtime. And if there’s one thing MOTHER knows best, it’s what’s hot and what’s not on the local scene.